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Meet the Girl Who’s Crowdfunding Her Abortion

Crowdfunding is all the rage for folks who are hungry for potato salad, or in need of some dough for their stupid orchestra, but sometimes people reach out to the masses out of desperation. Meet Bailey. Bailey needs an abortion. So she went to (tagline: “Crowdfunding for Everyone!”) to ask for $2,500 for the operation. Like anything remotely related to fetuses, it’s drawn some considerable attention in less than a week and was even removed from the site for a while.

Her GoFundMe page, originally titled the ”Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund,” informs visitors that “Bailey is currently unemployed, completely broke, in debt, and in no position to hold down a job due to severe symptoms of a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.” Having just moved to Chicago from Phoenix, Arizona, Bailey says she’s 23, likes to read and go to shows, and really, really doesn’t want to be a mom.

In the past, GoFundMe has been used for some pretty noble projects, such as collecting donations for one of the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and helping raise money to operate on the brain tumor of a morbidly obese 12-year-old. Somewhat more controversially, GoFundMe was used recently to support Officer Darren Wilson, who famously shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown, resulting in the Ferguson, Missouri demonstrations. I guess you could say the operators of GoFundMe aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

I called Bailey to ask about her plans to kickstart the termination her fetus.

VICE: Hi Bailey, how are you doing?
I’m doing pretty well. How are you?

Can I ask who is the father? 
Can I say no to that?

Yeah, sure.
OK, cool. 

Sorry for stalking you, but Facebook tells me you’re dating someone named Lücifer Ryzing, right?
Oh, no, that’s totally fine. I understand. There’s some other people who have figured out stuff, that don’t have any sort of good intentions, and they’re doing more intense things. [laughs] But yeah, Lücifer Ryzing is someone I’ve known for a long time, that I’m sweet with. He started the GoFundMe page. He’s the one that’s really managing that.

How far along are you with the pregnancy?
I just got the ultrasound on Tuesday, the second of September and the ultrasound said 19 weeks and five days, but ultrasounds can be anywhere from seven to ten days off. It could be about 19 weeks, or I could be 20 weeks along exactly.


Seriously, would you rather have someone get an abortion of a fetus that’s not developed enough to be aware of itself or its surroundings, or have another child in a government system that is already overfilled with children it can’t manage?


That’s a random sampling of strangers on Twitter who can be found by searching the phrase “stop taking nude pictures.”

And that’s, oh man, Ricky Gervais? Dammit.

Some people use this refrain to sit in holier-than-thou judgment (“Serves you right. No one will ever see pictures of MY butt on the Internet, because I’m so careful and smart and restrained that I’ve never even BEEN naked.”). Still, some other people use it to justify the fact that they looked at the stolen pictures in the first place. It’s a sneaky way to distance yourself from the problem: “I’m not the kind of perverted guy who would peek into a woman’s window while she was showering or spy on women going to the bathroom, but if you are stupid and trampy enough to have ever taken a naked picture in your life, sure I’ll look at it. But, ugh, do you have any with, like, better lighting?”

When you use this argument, here is what you’re really saying: Person A owned a thing. Person B stole it. Let’s all blame person A for having the audacity to own a thing in the first place.

What We REALLY Mean When We Talk About Leaked Pics

When this hit the “news” (let’s face it, it’s not really a news worthy topic), I definitely copped the “anything you put on the internet should automatically be considered public” line. But saying that is blaming the victim, which isn’t right. Once again, Dan O’Brien expresses the most logical way to view this subject in words I couldn’t put together myself if I had a Master’s degree in English. READ IT

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